Amy WinfreyAmy Winfrey is the creator of a number of popular web cartoons, including Muffin Films, Making Fiends, Squid and Frog, Big Bunny and Nickelodeon's Making Fiends television show.

She directs on the Netflix series BoJack Horseman and Tuca & Bertie, teaches at UCLA and is also working on a her new independent cartoon Hooray for Hell.

Amy got her start in animation as a student at UCLA. During her time in school, Amy made several films including a short 3D computer film called The Bad Plant, which won numerous awards including a Student Academy Award.

For a class assignment, Amy made a website dedicated to the appreciation and preservation of Traffic Cones. She was surprised by how many visitors came to her website, so she decided that her thesis project at UCLA would be a series of short web cartoons.

The result, a series of twelve films about muffins entitled Muffin Films, found a large and enthusiastic audience.

While still in school, Amy got a job working as an animator on the first season of South Park. She later took a break from classes to work full time on the South Park feature.

After graduation, Amy created another web series, Big Bunny, about a large carnivorous rabbit. Big Bunny quickly found fans, and Amy and her Big Bunny cartoons were featured in the New York Times best selling book L8R G8R.

Amy then created the web series Making Fiends. Amy sold merchandise to support her web series, and was able to create web cartoons full time. She sold thousands of t-shirts featuring her cartoons characters. After finishing several episodes, Amy was contacted by Nickelodeon. Amy worked with Nickelodeon to create a Making Fiends tv show based on her independent web series.

Making Fiends was featured in the "Best Television Series" category at the Annecy International Animated Festival and Anifest in 2008.

After the Making Fiends television show, Amy created another web series, Squid and Frog, made a new tin of Muffin Films and released several other shorts including Tea Time with Cobra and Hooray for Hell.  She continues to direct for television, make new independent films and take dumb pictures of her cats.




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Amy is represented by the Peter McHugh of the Gotham Group.